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Leo Club Program

Leo District 306 A1, Sri Lanka

Logo & Motto


Leo members acquire skills as project organizers and motivators of their peers.


They discover how teamwork and cooperation can bring about change in their community and the world.


Leos develop positive character traits and receive recognition for their contributions.

Leo Club Objective

To provide the youth of the world with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community.


Leo clubs are open to young men and women of good character, from the age 12 to 30, who is dedicated in making a difference in their communities.

The social aspects of the Leo Clubs Program provide opportunities to meet other young people who share common interests, values and goals. The international scope of Leo clubs provides for interaction at regional Leo forums, the Lions International Convention, ‘Club Twinning’ or pen pal. In addition, Leos can apply for participation in the Lions International youth exchange and youth camp programs.

Present count of total registered members in Leo District 306 A1 is 918. The total membership is pumped from 21 active Leo clubs.

Leo Pledge

I Pledge my hands, extended and open to help those in need.
I Pledge my heart, reach for it and it will be touched.
I Pledge my ears, to hear another’s outcry, my eyes, to see the plight of others, my knowledge, to bring a man closer to his dreams.
I Pledge myself to the betterment of my community and my Country.


Club Types

Whether based in the community or a school, Leo clubs provide members with the camaraderie and growth that come from participation in community service projects, social functions and leadership development activities.


Leo clubs offer membership to any eligible young person within the local area of the Lions club. These clubs meet at a suitable location in the community, and a member of the sponsoring Lions club serves as the Leo club advisor.


Leo clubs draw on members from a school. These clubs often require the appointment of a faculty advisor usually a teacher, counselor or school administrator to act as a liaison between the school and the Leo club. The faculty advisor also assists the Leo club advisor, who is a member of the sponsoring Lions club. The school must agree to fulfill Leo Club Program responsibilities and the Leo club must agree to follow the policies, insurance requirements and regulations of the school. The Leo club is subject to the same rules established by the school authorities for all student organizations and extracurricular activities. Before the Leo club is organized, the Lions club and school should agree on procedures for organizing club activities on and off school property, which adhere to school policies and LCI board policy.

Leo clubs are also divided into two tracks: Alpha and Omega.

Alpha Leo Clubs

Alpha Leo clubs are designed for youth between 12 and 18 years of age. This track focuses on the individual and social development of teens and preteens.

Omega Leo Clubs

Omega Leo clubs are tailored for young adults between 18 and 30 years of age. This track is designed for the personal and professional development of young adults.

Multiple District Council

Leos of Sri Lanka are administrated by Leo Multiple District 306 which is consisted of six sub-districts. Multiple District President is the head of the council. Officer term of the council members is one year.

District Council

Leo District 306 A1 is one of the six sub-districts in Leo Multiple District Council 306. A sub-district is administrated by a District Council. It is headed by the District President. Officer term of the council members is one year.

To view the current district council, click here.

Leo Clubs

Leo club is the most important unit of Leo Clubs Program. Basically every Leo is a member of a Leo club. A club is administrated by an executive committee. Club President is heading the committee with the help of other officers and club members.

Leo club officers lead club membership development efforts and plan service activities. By accepting an officer position, youth have an opportunity to develop leadership qualities and skills.

The success of each Leo club depends on the dedication of its leaders. Leo officers’ commitment to promoting the ideals of the Leo Club Program results in pride and satisfaction for the Leo club, the sponsoring Lions club and the community. Leo leaders make many decisions that will affect the success and future of the club.

Leo leaders should demonstrate integrity, possess the ability to communicate and inspire, and recognize the individual needs and interests of club members.

Under the guidance and motivation from the club leaders, young people develop and practice leadership, organization and social skills through participation in Leo club activities and service projects. Involvement in these activities often fosters a lifetime commitment to helping others, while enhancing the community.


Leo club constitution was made by Lions Clubs International. They made time to time changes to the standard Leo club constitution. The first sentence of the constitution declares the establishment of Leo Clubs International Program.

A Youth Program is hereby established as an official activity of Lions Clubs International. It shall be effected and implemented solely in accordance with policy established from time to time by the board of directors of Lions Clubs International.

The second sentence states the purpose of the Leo Club Program.

Purpose: The purpose of this official Youth Program is:

  1. to make available to Lions clubs an activity whereby they may serve the needs of youths in their respective areas;
  2. to provide the youth of the world an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international communities; and
  3. to promote service activities among the youth of the community to develop the individual qualities of LEADERSHIP, EXPERIENCE AND OPPORTUNITY, and to unite its members in friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding.

To download the constitution, click here.


Given below is the order of importance at meetings especially when guests are present and when having to introduce them.

Leo Club Protocol

  1. President
  2. Immediate Past President
  3. Leo Adviser
  4. Vice President
  5. Past Presidents (Start From Recent Year)
  6. Secretary
  7. Treasure
  8. Board Of Directors
  9. Members

Leo District Protocol

  1. District Governor
  2. Leo District President
  3. Immediate Past District President
  4. District Chairman For Leos
  5. District Vice President
  6. Past District Presidents (Start From Recent Year)
  7. District Secretary
  8. District Treasure
  9. District Chief Coordinators
  10. District Regional Coordinators
  11. District Zone Coordinators
  12. District Directors

Leo District Protocol

  1. Multiple District President
  2. District President
  3. Immediate Past Multiple District President
  4. Multiple District Vice President
  5. Multiple District Chairmen For Leos
  6. Past Multiple District Presidents / Advisor Panelist
  7. Immediate Past District President
  8. District Vice President
  9. PDP / Advisor Panelist
  10. District Chairmen For Leos (Lion)
  11. Multiple District Secretaries
  12. Multiple District Treasurers
  13. Multiple Council Officers

Lions Club International Official Protocol

  1. International President
  2. Immediate Past International President
  3. International Vice Presidents - According To Rank
  4. International Directors
  5. Past International Presidents
  6. Past International Directors
  7. Multiple Council Chairmen
  8. District Governors

Head Table Protocol

The presiding officer or meeting chairperson must always be seated at the most central seat at the table, seat number one in the following diagram. The Chief Guest and Guest of Honour would occupy seat number two, then other leo dignitaries in accordance with the general order of precedence. If possible, there should be the same number of seats to the right and left of the chairman or presiding officer (who would normally be the Club President, District Governor, Council Chairperson or International President).

Leo Club Seating Protocol


Annually, Leos are doing hundreds of projects under the project categories provided by the district. Those project categories are designed carefully to encourage Leo club activities aligned to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and Lions Centennial Global Service Framework.

At the end of every Leoistic year, club projects are evaluated and awarded at the District Conference.