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Bright Spark

A project by Leo Club of Unawatuna Diamond Stars

Project Summery:

Our aim is to develop the library. The knowledge of a child can be improved by reading books. So, develop a library is essential. Not only improve their knowledge, but also improving their health is also essential. So, we hope to develop the medical room too. These activities improve the infrastructure facilities of the school, improve their reading and writing skills, give them a good way to spend their leisure time and improve their health.

Project Chairman: Leo Pabasara Dilshan Perera
Project Secretary: Leo Balara Sawanmee
Project Treasurer: Leo Kushan Miranga
Project Type: Joint Project
Host Club: Leo Club of University of Moratuwa
Organizing Clubs: Leo Club of Unawatuna Diamond Stars, Leo Club of Baddegama, Leo Club of Uragasmanhandiya
Date: 2020-12-05
Venue: Baddegama, Pathawelivita primary School
Project Description:

We planned to do wiring by one group, while other group arranging the necessary stuff for medical room and library. Bringing the bed, medicines for the medical room and books, wiring equipment for library, Cleaning the two rooms, Wiring the library, painting the bed were all done by all the Leos. We Contributed Rs.10000 and man power for the Success of this Project.

We went to the school and cleaned the two rooms first. Then one group did the wiring of the library while the other group painting the bed. Then we arrange the medical box. After that, we finish the arranging of the medical room and library. And finally, in the evening we played volleyball with children.

Meals for the participants, transportation of goods were some challenges we had to face. Meals of the participants could supply by the parents of the children. And we use our vehicles to transportation. And the person we found to do wiring did not come that day. So, one of us did the wiring of the library with the help of the others. And because of the pandemic situation we were not be able to gather many people and we had to maintain our social distancing. We did our work with precautions given by the health care professionals.

The project completed successfully. We electrified and developed the library. And we developed the medical room. All the children, their parents, teachers were very delightful.

Electronic Accessories used to repair

Leos engaging in work

Leos engaging in work

Leo engaging in work

Leo engaging in work

Leos engaging in work

Before the Renovation