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A December to Remember

A project by Leo Club of Moratuwa

Project Summery:

The main objective of the project is to raise funds to project sip sawiya which is a stationary distribution programme for rural area students.

Project Chairman: Leo Sahan Uchitha Peiris
Project Secretary: Leo Nadun Chamara
Project Treasurer: Leo Sadeepa Nilakshi
Project Type: Club Project
Host Club: Leo Club of Moratuwa
Organizing Clubs: None
Date: 2020-12-31
Venue: Social Media (Facebook)
Project Description:

How did we plan the Project

This Project is to develop, soft skills and business handling methods of Leos of Moratuwa. They will get an opportunity to come up with new products and directly move with customers.

We create many products focusing the Christmas season and earn funds for the upcoming project Sip Sawiya

Idea generated from the Leo club of Moratuwa Administrative Director & project chairman Leo Sahan Peiris described & informed the need while we are at a meeting discussion about future projects.

Contribution of the Club

Club President has discussed with members and identifies who are the capable Leos to do this project and after delegated the work as per the project chairman’s requirement. After that with the help of Media team project flyers made and shared through social Medias.

Each Leo's contribution to the final output

Leo Sahan Peiris has coordinated the Leos who have voluntarily agreed to participate for this project as the work force and described how the process flows.

Leo Tharuka Mayadunne designed the flyers as we have two separate products for sell and share through social Medias.

Leo Sanjana Peiris took the responsibility of making cake items for the project as well as Leo Ashwini Fernando made Christmas decorating items for the project.

Proceedings of the project

After the discussion about the project, we started the project on 10th December 2020 by creating the event and event flyers were published via social Media including WhatsApp and Facebook.

Leo Sanjana Peiris gave the details of the products that she hope to make and she gave 9 items of cake products which are 6 different types of cakes and 3 sets of cupcakes and flyers were made according to that.

Leo Ashwini Fernando gave the details of the products that she hope to make which were 3 types of Christmas decorating items and shared through social Medias.

Leo Tharuka Mayadunne gave the fullest support in making flyers and share those flyers in social medias.

The challenges we faced and how did we overcome them

Monitory Challenge

The costs of the products were agreed to bear by both of the Leos and accordingly the profit shared to the club account and we overcame the monitory challenge.

Finding Resource Personnel Challenge

We were able to overcome the personnel challenge with the help of Leos and their parents in making the products.

Analyzing the actual problem Challenge

Since the entire country facing for a hard situation, The connections between people have been lost for many months. We have to work smart with the new technology to attract people to our customers. Also the safety of Leos should be considered. So we planned to market our products through in an online platform and raise funds.

Post project feedback and progress

We have received good feedbacks from the Lions of Lions Club Of Moratuwa , Past Leos, Leos from other districts, Parents.

After publishing social Medias outsiders also appreciate about the effort done by Leos of Moratuwa by sharing their ideas & gratitude’s.