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A project by Leo Club of Mount Lavinia Orient Centennial

Project Summery:

The main objective of this project was to celebrate Christmas in a meaningful manner by helping our neighbors/friends/relatives or people who are in need by offering support in renovations of infrastructure facilities that they essentially need.

Project Chairman: Leo Nipuni Fernando
Project Secretary: Leo Sandaruwani Tharaka Fernando
Project Treasurer: Leo Himal Melanka
Project Type: Club Project
Host Club: Mount Lavinia Orient Centennial
Organizing Clubs:
Date: 2021-01-10
Venue: Moratuwa, Katubedda, Kaluthara areas and Samarasignhe Elders home, Galle
Project Description:

The project was conducted in 3 phases with an emphasis on two SDG goals; No Poverty (SDG Goal No 1) and Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure (SDG Goal no 9).


Flyers are posted through Facebook & WhatsApp to make people aware of the project. Thus, encourage Leos to take part in this project and look for the needy people in their surroundings, who are suffering from some defects and less facilities in their houses. We visited some of the places and listed what they actually need from us and collected all the necessary goods from the donations of some volunteers.

Phase 2:

We helped the people who were in need with several ways. For example: fixing and repairing broken water taps, replacing old light bulbs that do not function properly, cleaning the blocked drainage system, supplying bathroom/kitchen utensils, implementing a proper waste management method (by providing dustbins/dust pans and brooms), giving a floor paint and a floor carpet, Providing some essential study materials for the children in those families (such as table lamps, pencil cases and books). The Leos who visited those places didn’t forget to sing Christmas Carols with those family members. Our efforts were able to solve many of their problems.

Phase 3:

In the meantime, we posted a video in our club Youtube channel (MLOC PULSE) sharing thoughts of many significant personalities on the real meaning of Christmas. We conducted three sessions on “What can we can do to celebrate Christmas in a meaningful way” with,

  • Rev. Fr. Marians Krishantha Fernando (Principal of St. Mary’s College, Dehiwala)
  • Mr. Ravindra Anthony (Principal of St. Anthony’s College, Kadalana, Moratuwa)
  • Mr. Philip Mendis (Parish Secretory of Queen of Angels Church, Rawatawatta).

You tube video Link: https://youtu.be/zaK9N22O8lQ

Donations received from Leos

Rev. Fr. Marians Krishantha Fernando, Principal of St. Mary’s College, Dehiwala, expressing his thoughts on the project

Mr. Ravindra Anthony, Principal of St. Anthony’s College, Kadalana giving away his thoughts on the project value

Mr. Philip Mendis, Parish Secretory of Queen of Angels Church Rawatawatta, sharing his comments on the project

Arranging some kitchen utensils at visited homes

Handing over brooms, dustpans and dustbins to highlight the advantage of maintaining a proper waste management system with the use of those items

Fixing a bulb in a kitchen at a visited home

Kids with their Christmas gifts (Table lamp, books, Pencil cases)

Donations from Leos for the Elders home in Galle

Selfies taken during the project

Donating bulbs and water taps for an Elders Home in Galle

Replacing a water shower at a selected house