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A project by Leo Club of Mount Lavinia Orient Centennial

Project Summery:

  1. To build awareness on the International Service/ Voluntary organizations being operated in Panadura among our members and general public.
  2. To improve public speaking, presentation skills and communication skills of members of Rotary, Rotaract, Leo Club with the contribution from the members of Toastmasters International.
  3. To build critical thinking essential for problem solving and leadership with the contribution of members of Lions International.
  4. To build awareness on the potential of youth in leadership and building new trends for the social empowerment with the contribution of members of Rotaract Club of Panadura.
  5. To build awareness on Sustainable projects with the contribution of Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Panadura

Project Chairman: Leo Ramalka Kasige
Project Treasurer: Leo Kithmi Vihinya Rajakaruna
Project Type: Joint Project
Host Club: Mount Lavinia Orient Centennial
Organizing Clubs: Rotaract Club of Panadura, Rotary Club of Panadura, Toastmasters’ Club of Panadura, Toastmasters’ International, Interact Club of Sri Sumangala College, Panadura, Leo club of Kaluthara Vidyalaya, Leo club of Kaluthara Balika Vidyalaya
Date: 2021-01-10
Venue: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp social media platforms and Google meets platform
Project Description:

This project executed as a combination of 7 one-hour online sessions with different presenters representing the organizing clubs and were conducted via google meets.

These were interactive sessions and at the end of each session a Q & A segment was conducted where participants clarified their queries regarding the sessions. The sessions conducted were as follows.

  • 12th December 2020 – Inaugural session
  1. Why it's important to have better communication and speaking skills to gain professional and personal growth - DTM Moditha Sendanayaka
  2. Improving leadership skills through various projects and other engagements - Rtr. Sanduni Hettigoda
  3. Becoming a better human being through social and community services – Leo Ochintha Nadeeshan
  • 13th December 2020 - Introduction to public speaking; Speak to express - DTM Farhaz Farouk
  • 19th December 2020 - Effective Presentations; ideas into action - DTM Sanjeewa Fonseka
  • 20th December 2020 - Entrepreneurship; why going old school works – Asitha Pinnaduwa
  • 26th December 2020 - How doing projects mold you as a leader - Rtr. PP Annapoorna Jayasiri
  • 9th January 2021 - Importance of friendship and networking in Community Service - Rtr. PP Asitha De Silva
  • 10th January 2021 - Challenges and mindfulness; importance of building emotional resilience - Rtn. Rasini Bandara

The sessions ended on a positive note with lot being discussed in the given stringent timeframe. It made us believe that everyone can learn the skills and techniques they need to increase their level of confidence and performance in key areas discussed at sessions.

Prior conducting the sessions, a registration google document to be filled was distributed within the social media by inviting all who are interested in learning these things, nearly 200 participants registered for the event. All the members of the club helped for the marketing campaign by sharing them through social media.

This is a new step towards many future collaborations. One of the main inspirations behind this project is to unite the people of different districts who are linked to different organizations as we all have the capacity to learn from each other and plenty of room to improve in different aspects.

Flyer of the Inaugural session

Session by DTM Moditha Sendanayake

Inaugural session by 3 speakers

Participants at DTM Farhaz Farouk's session

Session by DTM Sanjeewa Fonseka

Flyer of Asitha Pinnaduwa's session

Session by Asitha Pinnaduwa

Flyer of 6th session

Flyer of the final session

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