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International Winter Relief Campaign

A project by Leo Club of Colombo Millennium II

Project Summery:

This year the Leos of International are organising a Mega Service project focuses on providing Clothing to those in need. Since the project was done as an international joint project, Leos throughout the world could serve a number of beneficiaries. 59 Leo Clubs in 5 different countries gathered together in hopes of distributing clothes to people who are unable to meet their basic needs, through this project.

25 Sri Lankan Clubs Participated in this Project.

Project Chairman: Leo Leo Hasitha Perera (Leo Club of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
Project Chairman: Leo Leo Vishal Patni (Leo Club of Dimapur, India)
Project Chairman: Leo Leo Nehal Jain (Leo Club of Gauhati Girls, India)
Project Secretary: Leo Leo Akila Gunarathne (Leo Club of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
Project Secretary: Leo Leo Sarthak Kala (Leo Club of Dimapur, India)
Project Secretary: Leo Leo Meghna Kala (Leo Club of Gauhati Girls, India)
Project Treasurer: Leo Leo Rishma Fernando (Leo Club of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
Project Treasurer: Leo Leo Nalini Jain (Leo Club of Dimapur, India)
Project Treasurer: Leo Leo Harshita Garg (Leo Club of Gauhati Girls, India)
Project Type: Joint Project
Host Club: Leo Club of Dimapur LD. 322D, Leo Club of Moratuwa LD. 306 A1, Leo Club of Gauhati Girls LD. 322G
Organizing Clubs: Leo Club of Moratuwa, Leo Club of Colombo Host, Leo Club of Colombo Millennium, Leo Club of Kaluthara Balika Vidyalaya, Leo Club of Mount Lavinia Orient Centennial , Leo Club of Unawatuna Diamond Stars, Leo Club of UOC FOA, Leo Club of UOC FOS, Leo Club of UOC Alumni, Leo Club of Godigamuwa, Leo Club of Kesbawa, Leo Club of Mathara Nilwala, Leo Club of Kotahena Centennial Genesis, Leo Club of Negombo Orient, Leo Club of Pamunugama-Jaela, Leo Club of Biyagama North, Leo Club of Colombo Grand City, Leo Club of Weliweriya, Leo Club of Athugalpura, Leo Club of Awissawella, Leo Club of Kandy, Leo Club of Bachelors of Social Works , Leo Club of Maharagama Golden City, Leo Club of Pannipitiya Metro Titans
Date: 2021-01-10
Venue: Kadawatha, Kelaniya, Gampaha, Bellanwila
Project Description:

Leo Club of Colombo Millennium

The International Winter Relief Campaign took place with the participation of around 60 clubs in the Leo International, and from Leo Multiple District 306, Sri Lanka, Leo Club of Colombo Millennium also participated with many other clubs, in this great serving venture. Under Leo Nimna’s guidance, all the members started collecting their clothes which were either less or not used at all and are in good condition. By the time of the project, to our greatest pleasure, many members were able to gather numerous clothing pieces. On 29th December 2020, about 7 Leos gathered around the area of Kadawatha, Kelaniya, Gampaha and Bellanwila to distribute the items among the needy, and the Leos who were unable to join this group, contributed to this virtuous task by donating items to such people around their neighbourhood and the respective areas. Among the items we distributed were Shirts, T-shirts, Sarees, Shorts, Sarongs, Blouses, Frocks and Kids’ clothing items. And by the end of the day, the Leos were able to serve 35 altogether, and conclude the project successfully despite the challenging situation of the country.

Leo Club of Moratuwa, Leo Club of Colombo Host, Leo Club of MLOC, Leo Club of KBV, Leo Club of Kesbawa, Leo Club of KCG

We Leos of Moratuwa Initially, planned to do the project individual. However, due to the epidemic situation, some areas have been isolated and due to this problem, I decided to join hands with several Clubs who could carry out the project. Thus five more Leo clubs joined us.

First we needed to fix a date and place for the project to take place. We decided to carry out the project on the 3rd of January at the Lions Activity Center in Moratuwa. About 50 underprivileged families in a pre-school run by our Lions Club were selected to distribute clothes doing the project. There our lions as well as the pre-school warden were very helpful to us.

Accordingly, we started collecting clothes for the project. After we posted information about the project on social media, the costumes for the project were added with a great deal of positive feedback. A large number of our Leos, family members, neighbors, and friends joined hands with us. We decided to systematically gather all the clothes in one place. Accordingly, we continued to add clothes until the day before the project. The day before the project we went to the Moratuwa Lions Activity Center and booked all the clothes we got. There we also received clothes from Clubs who could not attend the project day. We also received clothes from other clubs that joined us on Project Day and shared them all.

Eventually the project came to a head. 2nd Vice District Governor Lion Shyana Jayalath Came as the Chief Guest of the Project and PCC Lion Dr. Anver Dole Came as the Guest of Honor of the Project.

After the commencement of the project, Leo Akila, President of the Moratuwa Leo Club addressed the audience and shared his views. After that all the clothes were distributed very successfully and at the end of the project there was a good response from everyone present. Afterwards the guests and all the Leos had a brief chat and then happily parted.

Leo Club of Unawatuna Diamond Stars

We, the Leos of Leo Club of Unawatuna Diamond Stars, could successfully organize and hold the event "Winter Relief" with the hard work and commitment of all the members. It was an event which could bring a smile on to everyone's face. By 19th of December 2020, we were able to collect all the needed clothes. Time is worth as gold, so we started examining clothes and preparing them for the distribution on the same day. This procedure was carried out at one of our leos residence. The donations included; Shirts, T-shirts, Bottoms, Sarongs, Trousers, Frocks, Kids wear and etc. The inspected and prepared deliveries were done at two places on two respective days. On 27th of December, those were given to the elderly at Gamini Suwasetha Elders Home which is situated in Poddala, Galle. Then on 28th of December, the rest of the clothes were donated to the students of Baddegama Sri Rathanasara College, fulfilling their need for sportswear. The event was carried on with the presence of seven UDS Leos for about five hours, obeying to the health instructions provided by the respective authorities due to the Covid 19 Outbreak.

Leo Club of UOC FOA

'Winter Relief' was an International Joint project especially organized to help needy people by providing clothes in the winter season. We were privileged to lend a hand as the Leo Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Arts. We enforced the project concomitantly, on 30th December 2020 from 8.30AM – 10.30PM at “Suwa Sewana” Male Elders Home Meegahakotuwa, Kuliyapitiya. The Club Assistant Treasurer, Leo Sasini Wijesiri, Members of the Board of Directors, Leo Imesha Kariyapperuma and Isuri Thennakoon enacted on behalf of the club.

Since we were facing struggles to collect material donations due to the prevailing pandemic situation, we decided to buy brand new clothes from the club funds to facilitate the members in the elders’ home. Basically, we purchased 7 sarongs and 7 banians to donate. The Leos were involved throughout the project by coordinating and apprising, supporting, promoting and documenting and report writing with the host club. The project 'Winter Relief marked a conspicuous epoch with a victorious completion making a total of 7 beneficiaries.

Leo Club of UOC FOS

We had plans to collect donations from our leo members, but because of the pandemic situation we were unable to get together and collect donations to one place. Then we decided to go on with the donations separately by ourselves. 10 volunteers joined with us. Then they collected and donated the mentioned items for some selected people who needed them the most. We started our project on 19th December 2020 and ended on 10th January 2021. A total of around 20 hours were spent on this project reaching out to around 15 beneficiaries. Clothing items; shirts, trousers, blouses and skirts were donated.

Leo Club of Mathara Nilwala

As soon as we informed our members about this project; winter relief, we started to get positive responses. We provided them with an address to bring the clothes. Our Leos volunteered to collect clothes from those who couldn't visit. After fetching all garments, we categorized them according to use.

We completed our donations on 5th January 2021.

We donated those clothes to an underprivileged area away from the town. Due to the pandemic situation we didn't gather people. Instead we prepared them to be distributed through the Grama Niladari of the region. It was such a satisfaction to fulfill our responsibility and do our part in this project.

Leo Club of Pamunugama – Ja ela

Pamunugama Jaela Leos joined with 10 other Leo clubs with the motive of donating some second hand used clothes and also some new clothes to poor families. Pamunugama Jaela Leos selected three needy families. All the beneficiaries are earning their daily wage by doing labor work.

Club Members involved with this project by finding needy families and donating clothes with relevant sizes and they used to donate those collected clothes to those families. Distribution was done to three needy families by club members on 03rd January within Jaela area.

Leo Club of Negombo Orient

We collected the garment wears from our very own Lions who came forward to donate their good quality clothing which are not used very much.

We allocated Leos to gather the donations from the Lions who are near to them and to handover those go the President by 28th of December 2020.

Due to prevailing situation, we did not visit needy families one by one. So we requested to send one participant representing each family to visit us at Muruthana Kanishta Vidyala and recieve our donations after checking what is fitting for them. Around 30 families were benefited from them.

Leo Club of Weliweriya

Leo Club of Weliweriya from Leo District 306B2 completed another project "Winter Relief" successfully.

We have identified there are some people who need clothes specially in the elder's homes in Weliweriya area. So, we distributed all collected clothes from this project on 29th of December 2020.

On this day we handed over all collected clothes to the Weliweriya St. Anthony’s church and Wickramanayake Disabled elder's home for give this clothes items to needful people.

Specially we want to mention that Lions of Lions Club of Veliveriya gave their unlimited support towards this project to the entire team of the organizing of this project. They were provided collected clothes and donated them to look the success of “winter relief” project. On behalf of Leo Club of Weliweriya our sincere gratitude goes for them.

Not only that all the club members were tried to donate cloths as much as they can.So entire organize team of the project has decided to thank all the Leo Club members who donate and help from any type.

On behalf of Leo club of Weliweriya, special thank goes to all who contributed this project.

Leo Club of Awissawella

Twining with International Winter Relief Campaign, We the Leo Club of Avissawella joining hands with Lions Club of Colombo Platinum organized a Clothes Donation Campaign, donating both new and reusable clothes to the children who need them. First we informed the club members about the project and everyone was really satisfied with the content. We decided to collect new cloths and reusable cloths from Leos of our club. Every member of Leo club of Avissawella happily joined to the project and donated cloths. We could collect enough new and reusable cloths for the project. We selected the children of Puwakpitiya Dakuna Kanishta Vidyalaya to donate the collected cloths. The project took place on 10th of January 2021 at the school premises. The principal and the staff of the teachers supported us to organize the donation in the school time, being a appreciable helping hand. Leos of Leo Club of Avissawella and the Lions of Lions Club of Colombo Platinum participated actively to conduct the project.

Leo Club of Athugalpura

We participate in this due to a request received from Mawathagama hospital. So we decided to do this as a project.

The first thing we did was advertise our project on social media. Many people brought us clothes because of that publicity. First, we cleaned the clothes we received. Then the clothes were packed in separate boxes. Then clothes were given to the hospital.

This was held at the Drug Prevention Ward of the Mawathagama hospital. Held on 2nd January 2021. The ceremony was held between 10-12 noon. The project was completed successfully with the participation of about 15 Leos.

Leo Club of Bachelors of Social Works

Leo Club of Bachelors of Social Work from Leo District 306C2 successfully completed the distribution of clothes to the needy people around the Dambulla and Wattala areas on 28th of December 2020.

The project details,

Leo Club Name: Leo Club of Bachelors of Social Work

Leo District: Leo District 306C2

Total Leos Volunteers: 5 Leos 1 non Leo

Total number of beneficiaries: 10

Total number of leo hours: 10 hours

Items Donated: Bed linen, denim trousers, folding mattress, bags, frocks, jeans and t-shirts

Thank you so much Leo Club of Gauhati Girls, Leo Club of Dimapur and Leo Club of Moratuwa, for giving us the opportunity to be the part of your International Winter Relief Campaign

Leo Club of Pannipitiya Metro Titans

Leo Club of Pannipitiya Metro Titans had completed the donations on 28th December 2020. We feel proud to be the part of such great initiative and the campaign. It was a great time doing such activity and helping others in need. All the support was given to children and elders homes in different places.

The following clubs were unable to carry out the project due to the isolation of certain areas due to the epidemic.

Leo Club of Godigamuwa

Leo Club of UOC Alumni

Leo Club of Colombo Grand City

Leo Club of Biyagama North

Leo Club of Kandy

Leo Club of Maharagama Golden City

Winter is not a season, it's a celebration.

Keeping this in mind, we thought why not celebrate this winter with those who don't have much to celebrate.

From WE, I meant 59 Clubs from 5 different Asian countries.

Leo Club of Dimapur (Dist. 322D), Leo Club of Gauhati Girls (Dist. 322G) and Leo Club of Moratuwa (Dist. 306 A1) took an initiative and gave a task to ourselves in which 56 clubs supported us. The task was about sharing the same warm feeling we get from our winter wearables with the one who doesn't get this feeling.

With this initiative, we also got a chance to celebrate Christmas and a wonderful start of a New Year with some needy (poor and specially-abled) people.

Leos from across the 5 Asian countries collected old warm clothes and blankets from their own households and their near and dear ones and distributed to the thousands of poor people who sleep out on the streets and struggle a lot especially during winters and to some especially able person who are not that capable of earning a good livelihood.

After combining the joint efforts of Leos from all the clubs, a total of 4854 people were benefited through this Winter Relief Drive where intotal 258 Leo volunteers were present and the total Leo Volunteer Hours is 518

Preparing the clothes for distribution

Preparing the clothes for distribution

Preparing the clothes for distribution

Preparing the clothes for distribution

Preparing the clothes for distribution

Prepared items for distribution

Prepared items for distribution

Preparing items for distribution

Prepared items for distribution

Distribution of items

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Distribution of items

Preparing the clothes for distribution